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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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south food access group. this work helps to us partner with the bayview farmers market several years we've served the opera. the local resident that were participating with the bayview family were able to have their community gardens certified as organic and it was locally grown fresh and organic. sorry. we provided nutritional educational opportunity & at the farmers market and through the nonprofits. we supported the effort to shut down the plant. i appreciate the hard work of the community resident in mcthis a reality.
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we supported several energy efficiency and energy projects we funded over one hundred solar installations in the bayview area. we supported green jobs along with the garden jobs we fund we supported some capital improvements for example, 11 years ago we funded the bayview community advocates and for solar training and their training of the now house it was a model house that have the parked next to at&t baseball park and when it was done, it was put on a barge and is at alice griffith used as a community center. so when i come here for meetings
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i i know that bayview residents help build that center. we have the ecosystem it's been complete and recently received certificati certification. thank you (clapping) we've shg hard to reduce the toxic containment. we have a bio fuse in the neighborhood and currently we're moving into the world of pests and trying to reduce the pesticides. my partner in the e j program is training tenants with the housing arthur on how to reduce
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pesticides. we're working now on identifying the sites in the neighborhood so we can include the access to the waterway. so i'd like to say i'll call up jess to the microphone and talk about community garden (clapping.) thank you, ann many you're amazing. commissioners and want thank you for having me and is special thanks to my neighbors and activists in the room. i'm jeffrey i'm a baby resident i've live here 15 years. i'm a student and admirer of
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people sitting next to me and others. i'm a co- founder and i director the gardens initiative. we're a community based organization that started years ago which we started to plant flowers. at that time when the block was ground zero in the bayview that became a partial point for orcha flash point for consensus based decision macro at the grassroots level a ground level for plays that received negative attention. so many of united states felt in under no circumstances days living on the block and we came to understand it was connecting with one other and the land so working with the physical and
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social environment truly grassroots way that was responsible for this and we honor charles page we got the grant in the same year he passed away. we received this grant it increase the ability for neighborhood to grow plants locally and to expand our volunteer base. as a direct result of the grant we developed 6 community garden all of which are quite vibrate. our bio weekly footprints baby news reaches several thousands subscribers and we've got 40
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thousand hours of service. hundred dollars of first time visitors have had many group tours that we've hosted we talk about building social co- hergsz it's less about the garden than the process. in addition to our gardens we've created the bridge garden and the enterprise way to it and the top of the hill. so that's the bridge community it receives the best new green project from the neighborhood enforcement network. in it 2011 it's still one of the beautiful places in the neighborhood. one of our 3w5ishgd garden we built with a church.
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this as group of african-american women with the san francisco chapter and it was one of the first projects in the neighborhood. it was very 1ke6 it focused on health integrity and a comfortably food access. and part of - because of the support i think the co- set gardens has advanced the consent it's this grassroots place based projects that are essential to achieving what our a shared goals around environmental and social policy. you need us i would suggest such as a we need you. we operate as an entry point for your program we're the grassroots communication for your messages. with the wisdom you need took to
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inform the policy decisions we're 9 external for the all of the community emerging grassroots project supply this for all of us. we try to be all of that with skeleton infrastructure in the midst the things on the heel o disempowerment. groups like count ii same day gardens are called on every day. i was lpg to daniel talking about the safety of getting people involved for all
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disasters. daniel to his outcome and objectives he asked me to be on one of tcommittees. i was asked several other times to serve on other committees. i'm describing a lack of grass rotsz role directed to people who your are creating the most sustainable and justice changes having to do with the environment and wellness. that's a disconnect we need to address. it's a model of community building that moves beyond engagement to true involvement. i know the disconnect between
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the escalating things on one hand and a need to revalue and fund those sorts of efforts represents an a a policy goal for all of us. i'm so grateful annie for the grant and i'm almost done. it was a glorious exception we all need more of. i want to leave you with the the word of an level years old-year-old. she's connected to the learning community and entered the camera. she wrote an say we're planting food for everybody its color full and the snakdz are fruits
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and vegetation like apples the goal of our garden is to give food to people who don't have much. this garden i help in the shaped like a rectangle the role i play a explaining seeds. i spend a half hour in our community garden it's grown go healthy food and environmental education is important because nature food is going 80 good for the food instead of candy. my efforts are to care for your environment people can walk here. this is the kind of return on our environment it is changing the world focus >> thank you for your effort
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(clapping.) good evening. i'm lee avenue i'm a third jashgs resident from bayview hunter point. about four and a half years it was fund by department of the environment. it's designed to help low income homeowners reduce their electricity bills and provide volunteers with hands on green job training to help them more marbleable in the workforce. they wanted someone from the bayview hunter point to help them. the goals was 10 homes in one year. one of my first clients has been crucial to the success of this
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program. she encompass around city hall waving her $4 bill and letting everyone or everyone know the benefits. over the past years her effort has helped us install over 1 point and 64 solar pages it's $3.3 million in energy savings that 26 thousands of hours of job training and over 10 thousand emissions prevented in the environment. we provided the largest solar providing 13 homeowners where over 3 kilowatts in one day. i'd receive called if homeowners saying they've got a 24 hour
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notice their bill is do you in one day they're making decisions to pay the bills or eat. this is helping the east side they no longer have to worry about co-op their their lights on. a grandmother received the solar panel and she went to school and kathy her class on this magical system that went on her grandmothers roof. it sits outside and the convert tells him how much their saving. her solar system sleeps in the evening she said and wamdz in
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the morning. solar panels are roll out of reach for 26 thousand i don't have that money. necessary e my parents were the receipts and they have thousand dollar bills now that my mother is enabled their bills are 2 hundred and something a year. they have ongoing medical equipment for health and safety. so those programs make an impact in the community and also people who don't know they could have the bin of the savings on their electricity because of the sf environment i want to thank you all for making a positive
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difference in people's lives and providing education as well. thank you. (clapping.) >> all right. things annie it sound like there are there other grantees if so stand and we'll clap for you marry (clapping.) so public comment on this item? seeing dr. jackson making a move. >> i want to say this is one of the most precious programs that
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could ever happen especially in southeast hampton. those of us who have protecting. i was the first the puc met on a monday distrusting about solar. and they meet on tuesday to the puc commission month to month so i called josh i said josh they talking about solar i say what is the application at. i said i'll meet you in the morning you, you know, at the puc you get that application so i can fill it out and have it rode for them when they start meeting. i showed them i had the application to you was the first on the list and i contacted everybody he showed my pg&e bill
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to others it was $4.41. i've got solar on my church. solar is good because i told josh i had seen in a magazine where necessary had solar in some other country they did the whole city in solar and it was a poor city. here we're a thriving city so i'm the one that speaks on behalf of solar and want you all to make sure you continue to give to those who are doing the work this should be done. one of the things that happened with this group they hired the young people and trapped them to do solar and at bayview's
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hunter point. you don't have to be an trademark to put solar open roofs >> any other public comment seeing none, all. >> the policy for the city and county in our packet today is a explanatory document it's the draft resolution and speakers renewable energy it's an informational item. >> we'll lose our commissioner but not before he steps. >> he already said it in terms of the benefits the solar can have in the community.
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it's innovate all about saving money but making jobs. one of the things we are trying to do i think with this reds is encouraging the city to mandate solar on new construction is to try to reduce the cost of solar for everybody that makes that more assessable for that more cost savings. we're going to try to make it not a full dollar but someone will pay you back money because its cost effective. one of the main reasons this type of resolution is so exciting one of the may that costs of installing solar panels it what they call a truck role. it's having people show up in the first place.
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but on new construction the work is already there to so you get to significantly reduce the installation costs. another significant cost is the permitting and enter connection. if you already working on a house or doing new construction or remodeling a home you'll gone through accident exciting construction so you don't have to pay center. some people in san francisco who after they've installed a solar system on their roof they have to wait 60 days for penciling to connect it is just soaking up 9 sun and the electricity it going
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both the trash can. if you install solar during construction pg&e will be there immediately. all those role role go reasons to have the solar done with the construction. i'm excited to work with josh on this resolution. it's not something we as the environment commission have control over but it's something like so many of the issues that folks have brought up here today. it's not something else we as a group we control but we want to try to help you make the changed that we want to see within the city family. we're particularly as an environment commission we're inturned so we would like to see
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our role as to not only do the great work that angling low was talking about but help you to bring some of the concerns that are concerns of ours to the city first name. i'm sorry i have to go i feel horrible but i'm really existing about working with you all to make this happen (clapping.) before you leave sweetheart i want to make sure that we have a quorum and you vote and pass this quorum >> that's ms. jackson's point. (calling names). this is part of the discussion we'll help frame it. >> i can assure you this won't
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be the end. >> and we lose another commissioner and a. >> i'm sorry i have to leave. it's been a real - an incredible experience to be here and you all talk about your concerned and history involvement this is not actually 9 first meeting of the department of the environment commission in the bayview but i can assure t you it's at the best meeting i hope it won't be the last meeting and if there's a vote taken on this measure i don't know but - >> it's a discussion. >> oh, it's a discussion. well, then i would vote if there was one
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>> thank you commissioner wan. >> commissioner king sorry you were going to say something. >> it looks like daniel is ready to come up to talk to us as well director hunter. >> of. since this is a discussion item what does that mean in terms of the policy role >> i can through some thoughts out there. >> basically. >> go ahead. >> basically does that mean that after we take in input from the commission and everyone who wants to give input we should keyed this at our next meeting for a potential vote. >> there's some atheists around
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that the thing is folks who have seen the agenda we'll here from daniel a couple cities in the state of california the city of lancaster california and then later spring north of us went ahead and made solar a requirement on all new construction that's they went a step further. >> i lawyer you. >> as anybody knows there's a lot of folks who have gone through the mandatory hiring but at some point folks are talking about let's make it a requirement to hire local it was somewhat controversial it
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required getting all the invokes in the room and this will lead to a lot of folks in the room to take the thoughts this is community driven but to give us some of the tools and be able to say folks want this as we'll hear in daniel and staff it briept they're thinking about what other cities have done. we're not going to take action tonight but it will lead to a lot of folks in the room on top of the know what they can do to get the renewable energy >> so this is - >> this is a goal for - we can hear from the community maybe next year maybe the community want to wait a few years. >> no. >> in this vein i would ceded
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creed to the chair he dan jelling yell did a trefblg job and then to the director. >> i i don't have anything to add. in that have you known we're excited about the outreach to get the feedback from the environmentalists and community and from homeowners etc. and really see if this is a policy 80 that makes sense to san francisco. currently i know the arts are daushl so we want to make sure this policy maintains for san francisco and our building. we have ambitious climate goals and renewable energy goal and addressing the electricity side
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of our goals. so, you know, any time a building goes up and it's not been destined for efficiency it's an opportunity lost. so i want to make sure that people are considering energy on site while their building i'm looking forward to this discussion if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> daniel questions or comments. >> i'm happy to see the local generation to be more and more aware of the harm being done by those distant energy things where we continue to chop up birds and we have this out in the desert to require the implementation of water and the
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loss of energy this is just a no brainier to do this. >> and on top of that we train a lot of people in the community for solar snauths and a mroindz. so the idea we're treading into the area leads to incity jobs. that's one of the reasons i supported this and you're looking at power creation with jobs in the city of san francisco so this is fantastic >> it fits about the resiliency combining the storage and in terms of our ability to bounce back after a disaster to


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